About me

Yoga is my passion. I live for it everyday.

I have been practicing yoga for the last 4 years and teaching for more than 2 years now.
I did my diploma in Yoga from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga - The most prestigious and reputed college in India for imparting the knowledge of yoga. It is the only college in India run by AYUSH ministry for the sole purpose of teaching and popularising yoga. Not only did I complete my diploma, but i topped my class and was even awarded a scholarship for the same.Have also cleared QCI Theory examination.

For my undergrad, I completed B.Tech (Computer Science) from Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology (Under Indraprastha University; now a univeristy in itself IGDTUW) and was successfully placed in one of the top companies of the world, Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. After about two years of work, I realised what my calling was. It was YOGA. I could not see myself sit away for hours and see my body becoming a house of diseases. It was time to change, to change EVERYTHING. Thus began my career as a Yoga Instructor.

The aim of Yoga is not merely physical/mental upliftment (unlike popular belief), rather, it is the attainment of Samadhi (Moksha,Nirvana,whatever you may call it) and that is exactly what i am here to do. Yoga is the most ancient and traditional knowledge found in texts as early as the Vedas and hence, requires a solid theoretical backing. It is the most powerful science capable of eradicating any disease possible.

The most wonderful aspect of Yoga is to enable a person to look within themselves and reach out for the ultimate reality and happiness. With meditation, Samadhi is indeed a reality, a possibility. I have myself been extensively practicing Vipassana meditation. I am also aware of other meditation techniques like Preskha meditation, Om chanting and so on. 

Yoga leads to holistic development of an individual and my aim is to enable entire human race on the path towrards Nirvana and as by products lead them to a life full of happiness and bliss. I shall work with utmost dedication and sincerity. Let us all move towards reality and pursue real happiness.