Veerbhadrasana (warrior pose)

1. Stand erect and spread your legs about three to four feet apart. Your right foot should be in the front and the left foot behind.

2. Now, turn your right foot outwards by 90 degrees and the left by 15 degrees, making sure the heel of the right foot is perfectly aligned with the center of the left foot.

3. Lift your arms sideways until they reach the height of your shoulders. Your arms must be parallel to the ground, and your palms should be facing upwards.

3. Exhale and bend your right knee, such that your knee and ankle form a straight line. Make sure that your knee does not go ahead of your ankle.

4. Now turn your gaze to your right.

5. As you move into the pose, stretch your arms further and join your palms above your head. Look at your palms. Gently push your pelvis down.

6. Hold the pose with the same determination as a warrior, and wear a smile on your face. Breathe normally and keep going down.

7. Inhale and come up.

8. Exhale and gently bring your hands down from the sides.

9. Repeat this pose on the left side, with your left leg in the front and the right one at the back.

Note: While holding, maintain normal breathing.

Benefits: Strengthens and tones the arms, legs and lower back. Improves balance in the body, helps increase stamina. Beneficial for those with sedentary or deskbound jobs. Extremely beneficial in case of frozen shoulders. Releases stress in the shoulders very effectively in a short span of time. Brings auspiciousness, courage, grace and peace.