Stand erect

Stand erect

Stand erect with feet together and hands placed firmly besides thighs. Concentrate on a point right in front.

Tadasana variation

Tadasana variation

Interlock fingers of both hands and raise them above your head while inhaling.

Urdhva Hasta Uttanasana

Urdhva Hasta Uttanasana

While exhaling, turn to your left and hold the posture for as long as possible.

Urdhva Hasta Uttanasana

Urdhva Hasta Uttanasana

Come back to center and then again while exhaling, turn to your right and hold the posture for as long as possible.


Urdhva Hasta Uttanasana/Tiryaka Tadasana (swaying palm tree pose) 

1. Stand with the feet about 2 feet apart.

2. Fix the gaze on a point directly in front.

3. Interlock the fingers and turn the palms outward.

4. Inhale and raise the arms over the head.

5. While exhaling, bend to the left side from the waist. Do not bend forward or backward or twist the trunk. Hold the position for a few seconds while retaining the breath outside.

6. Inhale and slowly come to the upright position. Repeat on the right side. From the upright position, exhale while bringing the arms down to the sides. 


This is one round. Practice 5 to 10 rounds.


Physical - Physical - on the breath synchronised with the movement, keeping balance, the stretch along the side of the body, and keeping the body and head facing forward without twisting.

Spiritual - on mooladhara or manipura chakra. 

Benefits: As for tadasana, but it especially massages, loosens and exercises the sides of the waist. It balances the right and left groups of postural muscles. 

Variation: Balance on the toes in this practice. The fingers may be interlocked with the palms facing downward or turned upward. 

Note: This is one of the asanas for shankhaprakshalana.