I used to wear the shortest of clothes and try to look my sexiest.. Why ? Well its a look defined society. I was told to look good since the day I was born!! Step out of the house and I would actually count the number of people checking me out. The ones who didn't, i would take a look at myself again and wonder why didn't they look at me. After all these efforts, the moment I saw someone prettier, I would start feeling less. Constant insecurity and for what ?? I would follow all these makeup gurus on YouTube,buy the best products. And guess what? There is always someone richer, prettier than you. But we don't show this insecurity and what a temporary happiness. So not worth it! Society demands money.. A lesson I learnt.. What is the solution seriously?

Sad Girl
Mind Matters the most

#MyLifeBeforeYoga #MyLifeBeforeDharma #IamFreeNow

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