I'll tell you the most easy (and yet the most difficult) way to enter into a spiritual life. Just start speaking the TRUTH. Nothing else but the truth.

And you wont believe what happens next. So many of your relations will break down, like dominos. All those people who love you only under conditions will start becoming crystal clear.

The only people that will actually remain would be the ones who love you unconditionally. These are the ones you must surround yourself with and nobody else. All others are just conveniently with you. A harsh reality to face but a reality that will lead you to true happiness and bliss.

Most difficult is when you realise your parents also love you only under certain conditions. Dont feel bad. Remember, sometimes society makes you all negative. They cant let you do what they were never allowed to do. But this doesnt mean your parents are right each time. Wisdom doesnt come with age.

Just speak the TRUTH and life will reward you eventually. Dharma will reward you.

truth sets you free

Truth hurts but rewards in the long run

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