May 10, 2017

April 26, 2017

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May 11, 2017

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May 1, 2017

So, i just watched Baahubali twice.. i absolutely loved the movie. I am sure everyone else did. and one question that constantly struck me was - what lesson are people going to take back home ? (1) Is it the pure Dharma depicted by Amarendra Baahubali by remaining constant in high and lows (something so difficult to do in real life -- he was another Bhagwan Ram) orrrr (2) the six pack abs that both characters flaunt? Hahahah.. Such an easy choice.. we SHOULD pick Dharma but majority guys (even girls now) would walk out of that hall wanting those abs.

Guess what ?? It doesnt end there.. They will join a gym, start with supplements, then move onto oral steroids, then injectible steroids, then Growth Hormone, Insulin shots and what not !!!!! I also heard some people who take 3 pills of Viagra before workout.. All of this only to boost your metabolism and flaunt that superhuman body.

Deep down all these people are soooo depressed and anxious. They suffer from erectile dysfunction after consuming too much of testa shots. 

The moment you stop taking these roids, your body is back to looking normal. (Depression!!)

And what are we doing as a society ? Worshipping, praising and appreciating this hollow-from-the-inside superhuman looking fake body??? What will our children learn? 

No hero is going to educate us by putting an end to their own business. The fact is you cant have that body without roids, supplemets and injectibles.

Please be aware.. Please educate your men and women. Depression is a reality when there is no Dharma.

Gym has become a house of diseases.

You have a bful machine, the best creation in the world - your natural body.. Please take care of it.. Please !!


Befriend yoga, befriend Vipassana meditation and open the gates to your own liberation my friends.


Look at my video below, to find out more about the benefits of yoga.







Befriend yoga, befriend Vipassana meditation and open the gates to your own liberation my friends.

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